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Product Information
Easy. Just cruise on over to the product page and scroll down to “Guides & Info” on the right-hand side. Find “Spec Sheet” and click “Download File.” As a wise man once said, “Bada-bing bada-boom.”
Since we like to make things easy for you, we included one with each fixture. You can also find them on our website; just head to the product page and scroll down to “Guides & Info” on the right-hand side. Next to “Instruction Manual,” click “Download File.” And there you have it.
If the world was perfect, then yes. But it’s not, so no. The components used in a HID fixture are power consumption-specific. So, a metal halide (MH) lamp can only be used in a fixture with an MH ballast. The good news is that our fixtures use industry-standard lamps that can pretty much be purchased anywhere.
Aside from the fact that they sound like they'd be on the periodic table, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps give off a soft yellow/orange light and a longer lamp life, while metal halide (MH) lamps give you a white light with a higher CRI.
Why, yes, we do. If you’re interested in replacement parts, that is. Give us a call at 1-888-243-9445.
Fairly. And less than you’d expect. But our product prices, including promotional offers, can change. They also don’t include shipping, handling, tax, and all that other fun stuff.
If they’re available, yes. Call our customer service experts at 1-888-243-9445 and ask us.
Here’s the thing: California regulates over 900 chemicals with Prop 65. Since we don’t specifically test for all of them, we’ve added Cali’s mandatory warning, just to make sure we’re following their new regulations. For more info, visit here

Installation & HID Disposal
In a word: absolutely. Head to our Resource Center and look for our Lighting Layout Tool. The time and grief it’s saved our customers is the stuff of legend.
Typical mounting height is the range (in feet above grade) that a fixture should be mounted. Typical spacing is the measurement used (in multiples of mounting height) that two or more fixtures should be mounted apart from each other. Once you get these right, you’ll be the grandmaster of optimal light distribution.
First of all, you should be commended. Second, these places: www.lamprecycle.org or www.earth911.com.

Ordering & Payments
Easily. Quickly. Painlessly. All right on our website. Or, if you feel like talking to an actual person, please call our customer service professionals at 1-888-243-9445, They’re happy to chat Monday through Friday, 6am to 7pm (CT).
The question should be, which payment methods aren’t accepted? We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. As a friendly reminder, prices – including our promotions – can change. They also don’t include shipping, handling, and state sales tax. Oh, and we also accept checks via phone orders only. Please list your order number in the memo section and mail your check to: e-conolight 75 Remittance Drive, Dept. 6642 Chicago, IL 60675 Once we receive your check, your order will ship.
Yes. The high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent, and quartz halogen lamps used in our fixtures are your regular run-of-the-mill lamps, so you can get them from local retailers and lighting suppliers. Just keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to LED fixtures.
Right now, we don't. But check back in the future, and maybe we will.
Are our prices the best you can find? (The answer is, of course, yes.) Head on over to the bottom of the homepage and click “Credit Application.” You’ll apply for invoice terms by submitting everything there.

We charge state sales tax on all orders. (We know; we hate it, too) You can submit a tax-exempt order, but to do that, we’ll need a valid Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. Send your certificate to TaxCertificates@creelighting.com Or, if you want to mail or fax it:

Attn: Accounting
1501 96th Street
Sturtevant, WI 53177

FAX: 262-504-5408

Once your certificate is reviewed and approved, we’ll remove sales tax from your grand total. After that, your order will be charged and shipped. Still have questions? Our customer service professionals love those. Give ‘em a ring at 1-888-243-9445.

Shipping, Delivery & Returns
Yes. Because Alaska and Hawaii are (gorgeous) states, too. Call 1-888-243-9445 for delivery to either place. Just a heads up: you’ll have a pay a little extra for shipping.
Just call us Speedy. Or call 1-888-243-9445 to place an expedited order. You may have a pay a little more, but if it’s worth it, it’s worth it.
All orders $500 or more are the best thing ever: Free. If an order is less than $500, we tack on a small 10% shipping and handling fee, with a $9.95 minimum, but the most you’ll ever pay for shipping and handling is $20. As a side note, to get free shipping, orders have to ship to one location, using carriers chosen by us. Hawaii and Alaska don’t qualify for free shipping, but they make up for it by being Hawaii and Alaska.
Why, yes, it is. Shipping and handling is already included in the prices of all our poles and bullhorns. Mainly so you don’t have to worry about it.
You’ll get a nicely crafted e-mail as soon as your order ships. You can also check on your order by clicking here or by calling 1-888-243-9445.
Place it before noon CT during business hours, and our in-stock items ship the same day. Expect a nice package on your doorstep within 3-7 business days (that’s Fedex Group, for those who’re wondering). Orders over 300 pounds will be shipped common carrier and have got to be unloaded by the customer (that’s you). All shipments are F.O.B. original and once the product leaves our factory, it’s considered all yours. Congrats, by the way.
You’ve got 90 days from the original purchase date, my friend. First, call our Tech Support team at 1-888-243-9445. to get authorization. Then…well, they’ll tell you the plan. Just know, though, that custom poles, bullhorns, and linear fluorescents can’t be returned.
We believe in freedom of…everything, so no. Whoever you choose, make sure to get tracking, since you’re responsible for the return shipment. Not to mention, you never know where those packages will turn up. If a package does get lost, you’re in charge of filing a claim.
If you paid for shipping, you won’t be refunded for shipping. After your returned product is inspected, we’ll let you know your final credit.
We currently ship to all 50 U.S. states. Just keep in mind it costs a bit more to ship to Hawaii and Alaska. Unfortunately, we don’t ship to any PO Boxes.
This means that your product will be shipped directly from the supplier to your doorstep. You’ll be charged at the time your order is placed. To find out tracking information, please call our Customer Service team at 1-888-243-9445 or e-mail them at info@e-conolight.com.

Within 30 days of receiving the item, submit this form online OR call our customer service team and let them know. If your product is broken, you may be asked to ship it back, depending on the scenario. NOTE: you won't be charged return shipping on any damaged in transit or defective product.

Step one: throw it in the trash. Step two: take it out of the trash because we might still need it. Step three: submit this form online OR call our customer service team. They’ll start the claim process and get your replacement shipped out within the next 1-2 business days, so long as that item’s in stock. If your product is defective, you’ll be asked to send it back (free of cost to you), so we can figure out what the heck went wrong.

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Nope. Joining the e-cono+ program is absolutely free.
All of the e-cono+ benefits can be found here. Hint: you may want to set aside at least 25-35 minutes to cover them all. Not really, but know there’s a lot.
Unfortunately, yes. Your amazing e-cono+ discount excludes doorbusters, clearance products, poles and bullhorns, electrical supplies, C-Lite tubes, NICOR® Limited Quantity items and LEVITON® controls.
Yes. Only logged-in members can receive e-cono+ discounts. Discounts can't be applied after your purchase, so don't forget to log in.
You can contact sales@e-conolight.com
The minute you sign up. It’s that simple.
Once you're logged in, your 10% off discount will be automatically applied to all eligible products. No need to punch in a promo code.
Zilch. Joining the e-cono+ program is free.
You can. They’re right here . We recommend reading them right before bedtime.
Nope. You’ll remain a member unless you wake up one day, decide you hate saving money, and opt out of the program.
Yes, although we’re not sure why you would. You can opt-out here.
Why, yes. Non-members receive free shipping on orders of $500 or more. e-cono+ members receive free shipping on orders of $400 or more. Lucky dog.
Your e-cono+ account is tied directly to an email address. If you email has changed, you will need to create a new e-cono+ account for the new email address.
Sadly, no. Your discount will only apply to all orders placed after you join the e-cono+ program.
Unfortunately, discounts can’t be applied retroactively, so please make sure you’re signed in before your order is placed.
Simple. Log in to your account and head to the "My Account" page.
Unfortunately, yes. Your amazing e-cono+ discount excludes doorbusters, clearance products, poles and bullhorns, C-Lite tubes, NICOR® Limited Quantity items, LEVITON® controls, and Cree Lighting® products